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The Classic Nut Butter Energy Ball Box

The Classic Nut Butter Energy Ball.

Our very first energy ball. A mix of Dark Chocolate, Nut butter, Irish Oats & Honey combined to give you the perfect midday snack.

Used to fuel your break times at work, your daily workout, or your sporting goals. As seen at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

  • x7 Pots of 5 balls per box.



  • There is a €5 Shipping Fee at the checkout, however this remains the same irrespective of the amount or products you choose to purchase.

Peanut Butter 47% (Peanuts), Oats, Honey, Dark Chocolate Discs (Soya, Milk), Desiccated
Coconut (Sulfites), Salt.
Allergens in bold. May Contain Traces of Gluten & other nut types.

Macronutrients Per Ball: 97kcal, 5g Protein, 8g Carbohydrates, 5g Fat, 2.5g Fibre.


(18 customer reviews)

18 reviews for The Classic Nut Butter Energy Ball Box

  1. Anne (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious. Great healthy snack on the go.

  2. Augusta Russell

    Both the classic nut and the cacao nut butter balls are by far the best protein balls I have had to date. I wish they were sold in more shops because they are far superior to the ones that you find in nearly every petrol station in Limerick (Quilter’s) which are extremely dry and a lot of the time seem stale even though the best buy date is months off.

    Please try and get your product into more shops. It will take over the market. In the meantime, I will be ordering them from your site 🙂

    • Matthew Collins

      Thank you very much Augusta, we are working on scaling up to more shops while keeping the quality at the highest level possible!

  3. Shaun Conaghan

    Taste amazing. The allergy info doesnt list oats as an allergen in bold on the actual packaging. Does this mean gluten free oats are used in production??? if so, consider including to reassure, if not, you must list oats as a allergen on your packaging. Well done on a brilliant product thats mostly healthy. not very common these days. (From a masters and doctorate nutrition researcher.

  4. Ciara

    Got these in Aldi, they are gorgeous will definitely be purchasing them again!!

  5. Eve

    I can’t believe that these are good for you. They’re like eating cake! The dark chocolate one goes very well with a nice glass of red too!! It’s all about balance 😉

    • Matthew Collins

      Thank you so much – Must try them with a glass of red!

  6. Denise (verified owner)

    Dear Matthew,
    Thank you so much for today’s delivery.
    The note you included in the box truly enhanced The Sibly experience: such a lovely touch!
    I also love that you included the shops where I can pick up the energy balls on your website. This is not my first or last purchase 😁
    You’ve got a great product & I wish you all the luck in the world as you grow your business.

  7. Anne

    While your single pot cheesecake topping was delicious, the base was disappointing. The base was too crumbly,dry and tasted of cocoa powder. It did not match the delicious top.

    • Matthew Collins

      Hey Anne! Thanks so much for your comment, we have noted this and will definitely look into it. One of the issues previously encountered with the bases were that if we compacted them too much they became a chore to break, considering they are in a plastic pot as opposed to a hard plate. We will try again to reach the happy medium!

  8. Adrian

    I just had a bunch of these in Janssen ,Cork …OMG absolutely divine .

  9. Elizabeth Reynolds

    Was introduced to these delicious energy ball by a friend of mine and love them

  10. Michelle

    Bought these yesterday in aldi. Just had the last one for breakfast they’re gorgeous. I got the classic nut butter. I’m going to buy some more before they’re gone. 😋💕

  11. Karina

    These are sooo awesome and really filling. Love them! Great healthy option for meeting snacks 🙌

    • Matthew Collins

      Hey Karina! Thank you so much for such a lovely comment, thrilled you find them handy!

  12. Liz McCarthy

    The most luscious treat you can imagine! Sublime, moist, crunchy and so filling- just perfect! Don’t ever change the recipe,
    all the other protein balls pale into insignificance. Just picked up my 5 pack this morning, my weekly
    treat. Gorgeous! Irish Made – Couldn’t be better.

    • Matthew Collins

      Thank you so much Liz, we are loving the adjectives used here! Happy Snacking!

  13. Olive O Donnell

    I’m trying to stop eating desserts. Omg one of these balls feels like I have just eaten a large dessert with the …I’m stuffed feeling, dont change the recipe.

    • Matthew Collins

      That’s so great to hear and it’s just ~94kcal per ball! Thank you sincerely ☺️☺️🙌🏼

  14. victoria o connor

    why is there no nutritional info or calorie info anywhere ?

    • Matthew Collins

      Hi Victoria! Please see the macros attached: 
      94kcals per ball (4g fat, 4g protein, 10g carbs, 1g fibre). Happy Snacking, Matthew.

  15. Sinead

    These protein balls are amazing! They are so tasty, I can’t get enough of them. I buy them every day on the way to work ! Tasty treat with a coffee, very filling snack ! Great that it’s Irish too ! Delighted to support an Irish company.

    • Matthew Collins

      Thank you so much Sinead! Matthew

  16. Louise

    Definitely my new go to snack, flavors are amazing and just enough chocolate without spiking my sugar. Great little treat.

    • Matthew Collins

      That is brilliant to hear Louise, thank you so much!

  17. Laura Horohan

    beautiful balls!! found these in a garage on my way to Killarney last weekend. I hate stopping at garages because i’ll pick up rubbish but i saw these and said I’d try them. They are absolutely fab! perfect portion calorie wise for me and 5g of protein is excellent. I will definitely be buying a box again soon.

    • Matthew Collins

      Thank you so much Laura!

  18. Suzanne M (verified owner)

    We found these energy balls in a shop in Kenmare while on our holidays and the whole family is obsessed. They really are the perfect delicious snack with a coffee and healthy too. We just bought a box of 35 and they arrived the next day. We’re delighted and thrilled to support Irish. Thanks for this yummy treat!

    • Matthew Collins

      Thank you so much Suzanne, I am thrilled to hear that! Matthew

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